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Sonnet XII

Hello again.  I used to be <lj user=aglassyday>, if that matters.  Anyhow.

I am working on updating a paper I wrote during grad school on Milton's Sonnet XII--the duality therein, rare diction choices, etc.--but I'm having a bit of trouble finding scholarship on the sonnet.  I'd like to get a publishable article out of the paper--and a writing sample at the very least--so I want a complete review of the literature.  I've combed JSTOR, Project Muse, MLA Bibliography, and all the rest, and I've found only seventeen or so applicable articles.  Surely, that doesn't exhaust the sonnet.

Or does it?  

I think I'm running into problems due to the fact that Sonnets XI and XII are so closely related to each other (and to the divorce tracts).  There aren't that many articles on Sonnet XI either, however; most people seem to think the tract controversy is more important than the poetry, I guess.  The libraries within my reach don't subscribe to MQ, either, so I can't just go and read through the print archives (though, Lord, I wish I could!).  

And thus, my query.  Have any of you done scholarship or research on Sonnet XII?  Can you point me toward some nook or book I have not yet discovered?   I would be forever in your debt.

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